Enabling you to create your own photographic social record.

We specialise in local SCHOOL and SPORTS CLUB photography. With an eye for detail, a friendly team, and super streamlined systems, we offer a photo day service you can be proud of.

We are IN it with you!

We have been ‘IN’ since 2006, and that’s long enough to be referred to as a ‘well-oiled machine’. When not #INschool or #INclub, owner/operator Brooke can also be found #INsitu or #Interior – read more below.

About Our Four Photography Divisions



INclub Photography sports a friendly team and streamlined service.

We have a friendly and patient approach, with all eyes for detail. This is highly valued by our local clubs and is recognised in all the smiling faces that we capture.


Everyone loves special treatment. Ask us about the best deal for your club. Many of our clubs have transitioned to a custom VIP package and you will be surprised how it actually makes you money!


We maintain a professional and practical product and service for club management, players, and parents. Keeping up with technology ‘off field’ means we can continually convert new ideas and develop systems to run a winning photo day service.


 We need you to know that we are in accordance with the new Work Safe legislation too. IN it with you!


A simple online ordering system as well as a dedicated sales person on photo day (with Eftpos!) removes any order administration for your club.


Let’s chat! When is your next committee meeting? We would love to come along to discuss how we could be IN it with you!



INschool Photography offers a friendly and streamlined service.

 We have a friendly and patient approach with all eyes for detail! This is highly valued by our local schools and is recognised in all the smiling faces that we capture.


We appreciate how much time and resource you have put into meeting the recent changes in worksafe legisation. We need you to know that we are in accordance too. IN it with you!


is largely keeping up with technology which means we can continually calculate and implement new ideas to run an A plus photo day service!

Electronic file sharing and record keeping of school photographs is just one way that we are making the most of technology. We can offer a package that allows the download of digital photograph files. Ask us how!


When is your next senior management meeting? We would love to come along to explain our processes in more detail, show you some product examples from other local schools and understand the running of your school. Remember we are IN it with you!


A simple online ordering system removes administration for the school, and distribution of photographs can even bypass the school to be delivered directly! Ask us how!


We understand that our service needs to meet the needs of not only school administration but also teaching staff, parents and students.

We maintain a professional and practical product and service across the board.

We are IN it with you!


In Situ is a Latin phrase that translates literally to “on site” or “in position”.

It means “locally”, “on site”, “on the premises” or “in place” to describe an event where it takes place, and is used in many different contexts. — Wikipedia

Brooke from INsitu Photography comes to you with a friendly, professional, practical service and an eye for detail.

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INterior Photography will record your space with professionalism and practicality.

“I welcome your quest for top quality interior images or staged furniture and décor.  I understand when the image needs to fit a certain space or shape for marketing. I completed an interior design degree in 2000. My knowledge and appreciation for interior spaces drive my passion to capture a record for your purpose  – with adoration and respect.

I have experience photographing projects or homes for the Dominion Post; Home Magazine, and Home Focus section as well as for real estate, architects, interior designers, and builders.

Our clients
The IN team
Brooke Woollett

Brooke Woollett


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Corinne Woollett

Corinne Woollett

Photographer/Office Administrator

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What people say about us
Brooke has been a photographer for Hutt Central School, catering for our photographic needs in many different ways.  She is easy to contact, organise dates with and is flexible in her timings.  Her lovely manner with the students is fantastic.

Brooke has efficient systems and this allows her to deliver her stunning photographs quickly and easily for our school to distribute.  We will continue to call on Brooke for our photographic needs as her whole package is outstanding. Steph Campbell

Deputy Principal, Hutt Central School

At the Wests Junior Rugby club we have had INphotography take our team photos every year for the last 9 years.  We have 500 – 600 players aged from 5 to 12 years old Brooke and the team operate two stations over 3 hours to get about 60 separate teams photographed.  Their delivery and service have been great with them producing our 700 odd photos within a fortnight.  I would have no problem recommending INphotography to anyone else needing a professional efficient and friendly team to take their organisations photos.

Over the years we have thrown a fair amount of problems at INphotography including a 10-year-old throwing up minutes before their team was being photographed and an 8-year-old switching off the gyms light, plunging the entire set up into darkness.  Through it all INphotography has responded professionally and efficiently, keeping things on schedule and turning out great photos. Mike Byrne

Junior Club Convenor, Western Suburbs Rugby Club

We enlisted Brooke’s help recently to take some pics for marketing purposes. The schedule did have me concerned initially but Brooke’s professionalism and great time keeping actually had us finishing slightly ahead of time at the end of the day.

Brooke’s service after the shoot was excellent and the photos returned to us very quickly. Best of all was the great quality of the pics taken, so if you’re looking for a stress-free photographer who does a great job from start to finish, you don’t need to go any further than Brooke at inphotography. Steve Humphrey

Area Manager, One Staff, Petone