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Gallery expires on February 29, 2024


If you have registered with INphotography in previous years your details WILL NOT be transferred to the 2023 gallery for privacy reasons, and you will need to re-register for this 2023 Taita College gallery specifically. All students will also receive a direct email from Taita College with their unique log in code and link to the ordering site when the photographs are available.

2023 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHS:  13th Feb' in school hall - refer to school for timetable. Catch up day in March TBC (A cropped version of these portraits are used to supply the school with identification files. The portrait version will be made available online after the final composite groups have been compiled).

2023 COMPOSITE CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS: The individual portraits will be used to create ‘composite class groups. The composite groups will be available online (with passcode protection) once the college have completed the proofing process. These will be available to download an electronic record and/or purchase printed copies. Any students that are not captured by the catch up day in March will be listed as absent. Any students that enrol after the photographs have been supplied will not be recorded.

LATEST NEWS: In 2022 we announced our IT development and partnership with our professional lab Queensberry who are based in Auckland. In Feb 2022 Queensberry began dispatching online orders on our behalf. This resulted in a more efficient delivery service, and customers received their orders much faster. 

Unfortunately, in late 2022 we were impacted by an increase in print, packaging and courier costs (well beyond our forecast). The increases were caused by the global rise in photographic paper, chemistry and also shipping expenses). We have adapted our pricing to the most reasonable, viable and sustainable prices that we are able to offer. We recognize that the shipping cost has increased substantially, and we recommend adding your portrait, class and additional sports group prints to your cart all in one order.  The new shipping cost is now $8.05. Of course, our digital downloads do not require shipping and remain an economic option. They provide an ideal electronic record until all photographs become available for print purchase. 

No price increase is ever welcome, and we don’t take this lightly, but it will allow us to continue to invest in new equipment and develop new productivity tools to ensure we continue to offer the best possible photographic solution for your annual records. Some Colleges will distribute the photographs, and if this is an option free shipping will be available at the checkout.

September 2022 News/Update
Our collaboration with Queensberry NZ and direct shipping lab service that we introduced in Feb' has been going really well. Our customers have been receiving their print orders much faster than previously. Unfortunately, the recent increase of our print, packaging and courier costs (well beyond our forecast) has meant that we need to bring our shipping increase forward. (This was previously announced to come into effect 1st Feb 2023). As of 5th September, the shipping cost will be $7.00+GST per order. We recommend adding your portrait, class and additional groups to cart all in one order. Thank you for your understanding.

For any order enquiries, please email Kirstyn - admin@inphotography.nz

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