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WE DO NOT PHOTOSHOP STUDENTS BY DEFAULT. THIS IS A PAID ADD-ON SERIVCE for those wishing to purchase photographs.

Base administration cost is $5. Then select your add on. The photoshopped file will then replace the file in the ordering site for you to make your purchases. You will be notified when this is ready. If you have already placed an order and made payment it will not include these photoshop requests and you will need to place a new order.


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NB: We offer an optional shine removal station on site for students as we understand that many teenagers have oily skin or may be sweaty from the summer heat. Some make up also returns a reflective sheen.


Please detail your requirements above. We will contact you if your request exceeds $5 to offer a quote or refund.
This will appear on your version only and is only available as a replacement image. (We do not add in catch up portraits)

Student Name as applicable to the order

Student Year as applicable to the order

Student School as applicable to the order

Student ID number (if known)

There is a minimum quantity requirement of 1
You have a required option not selected highlighed above.
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