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10th and 11th Feb' in school hall - refer to school for timetable. 


8th and 9th March in school hall - refer to school for timetable - POSTPONED DUE TO OMICRON AND LEVEL OF ABSENTEES. 


Date TBC.

LATEST NEWS: We have recently invested in an IT development and partnership with our professional lab Queensberry who are based in Auckland.  For the past three years we have been extremely happy with their print quality and service.  They offer the highest quality print finish in NZ and use the most premium photographic paper available in the industry. 

To streamline our service even further, from Feb 2022 Queensberry will dispatch any online orders on our behalf. This will result in a more efficient delivery service, and customers will receive their orders much faster. There will be an impact on shipping costs, and we are committed to keeping this as low as possible. For the first year we will absorb this cost and keep our shipping at $4.80. From 2023 this will be increased to $6.00. Of course, our digital downloads do not require shipping and remain an economic option. 

No price increase is ever welcome, and we don’t take this lightly, but it will allow us to continue to invest in new equipment and develop new productivity tools to ensure we continue to offer the best possible photographic solution for your annual records.  

We also took this opportunity to review our package options which have had a small price increase as well as added value. Our standard portrait package now includes four wallet size prints and a desktop resolution portrait file. Our Elite portrait package now includes 4 6x4 portraits (instead of 2) and a desktop resolution portrait file. 

We look forward to continuing to provide you and your families with high-quality photographs of your child’s/children’s time at school.

 For any order enquiries, please email Kirstyn - admin@inphotography.nz

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