Evans Bay Intermediate School

Gallery expires on May 31, 2024

To view your 2022 photographs, please read the following access information and then click here to log in

A proof form with access details was sent home with students on Friday 29th July. Please check their bags for the form.

If you have not received the form or need help with your passcode please follow the following steps:

  1. Try removing any characters such as hyphens, apostrophes or accents from student name if your passcode is not working.
  2. Use the following formula – 22EBIS followed by student ID number followed by first preferred name. Example only - 22EBIS12345FredThe student ID number is the middle number beginning with 95 between the two slashes that you use to access the school portal for reports. It is also the number that is in students email addresses.
  3. If you are still having issues AFTER TRYING ABOVE please use the passcode enquiry form here - https://inphotography.nz/store/inschool/passcode-enquiry/

(orders will remain open thereafter however a direct shipping cost will be added).

For further help, please go to our passcode support link.

For any other enquiries, please try our FAQ page or email admin@inphotography.nz

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